Company that installs, maintains and distributes firefighting equipment and systems.

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Lamanfoc 2018 S.L. We are a company that installs, maintains and distributes equipment and fire protection systems that are made up of skilled and highly qualified technicians, with an experience of more than 10 years in the sector. Since 2018 we work on our own, to be able to offer our customers the best price and the best quality.


Sale of fire protection equipment

Our product catalog: Fire extinguishers (ABC, CO2, Marine, etc.), fire hydrant, fire detection and signaling,

Fire protection equipment installations

Fire extinguisher installations and fire systems for companies and individuals.

Personalized advice and 24 hour service

We take care of developing a regular maintenance plan through a checklist

Maintenance of fire protection equipment

Our Advisory Department will study the best option without compromising with our suppliers

Passive protection

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